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Self-Storage Strategy

Rincon Partners' Self-Storage Strategy includes the acquisition and development of Class A, climate controlled self-storage facilities in high growth markets. Rincon targets existing self-storage properties or self-storage development sites that have the potential to deliver above-market returns. Rincon evaluates such properties over multiple time horizons from development projects with a target sale at certificate of occupancy or stabilization to long-term holds which provide ongoing cash flows and capital appreciation. Rincon focuses on the following investment acquisition criteria in its Self-Storage Strategy:

    • Strong demographics which support the "target tenant" and expected unit rents
    • Strong location within the market, a good neighborhood with high barriers to entry or high growth expectations
    • Markets with institutional investors and national third-party managers
    • On existing properties:
    • In place rents which are below surrounding market rents (even if in-place rents are at market for the condition of the property)
    • Opportunity for organic NOI improvement by reducing vacancy and turnover and reducing operating costs
    • Opportunity for enhancements to property amenities to improve tenant experience and increase rental rates
Self-Storage Strategy