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  • Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

    Having commercial real estate as part of an investment portfolio has a number of unique and important benefits, including:

    • Diversification - Direct investment in real estate provides diversification to an investment profolio as it has historically had a low correlation to the returns of stocks and bonds.

    • Cash Flow - Real estate investments have historically provided stable current cash flows to investors, which may increase over time if rental rates increase.

    • Tax Benefits - Real estate has numerous tax benefits unavailable to other investments including ongoing depreciation deductions which can shelter a portion of the property's income from taxes. Additonally, gains from the sale of real estate may be deferred through a like-kind exchange under Section 1031 of the IRS code.

    • Inflation Hedge - Real estate is considered an affective hedge against inflation as rental rates have historically risen as inflation has increased, often the increases have exceeded the rate of inflation.

    • Appreciation - Real estate typically appreciates over time as the property's cash flow increases and/or if there is an increase in demand for the property.